Agran vs. Coconut Oil: Which Treatment Mask For Your Hair?

Hair oil has become a trend over the last few years that doesn’t seem to be dying down. The market is saturated with different types of oils, all touting incredible benefits. But you may be wondering, "what's the best oil for my hair?"

The truth is that all popular hair oil varieties have their benefits, from hydration to adding a shine to your locks. The best oil may depend on your hair type and beauty goals.

Read on to learn about our two favourite hair oils and how to use them to nourish your hair.

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil was originally found in south-west Morocco nestled deep in the forest. The kernels from the argan fruit are dried and pressed to produce the oil referred to as 'liquid gold'.

For centuries, women across Morocco have used this oil as part of their beauty rituals.

What are The Benefits Of Argan Oil Products?

Restores Frizzy Hair

Argan oil products contain rich moisturising properties to nourish your strands. Adding the Herbal Essences Argan Oil collection to your hair routine not only promotes healthy growth but also nourishes damaged tresses.

Smooths Strands

Try our 90% natural-origin Argan Oil Treatment Hair Mask made to repair damage and fight frizz. It is infused with aloe from a farm in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Simply work into damp or dry hair and style as usual.

What Is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil has been used for centuries by Polynesian women, who have used this luxurious liquid in their haircare routine for its moisturising and hydrating properties. Filled with healthy fats, coconut oil and coconut milk offer plenty of benefits – from nutrition to beauty.

What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Oil Products?

Infuses Moisture Into Locks

Applying coconut products to your dry hair deeply moisturises each strand. Moisturised hair looks and feels healthier, smoother and is able to grow long and strong.

Revitalises Dull Hair

Bring your hair to life with deeply nourishing products that contain naturally sourced coconut and aloe. You’ll be left with the hydrated, smooth and manageable tresses you’ve been dreaming of.

Use our Coconut Treatment Hair Mask to deeply nourish and moisturise dry hair. Enjoy the intoxicating aroma of coconut, white florals and creamy vanilla as you apply to wet hair. Let the nature-inspired treatment sit on hair for at least 1 minute, then rinse for a soft, smooth mane.

Certified by Royal Botanic Gardens

Our coconut and argan oil have been certified by Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. With 260 years of plant expertise, the scientists at Kew verify the quality of each of our botanical oils, milks and extracts. Explore all of our Herbal Essences collections to discover ingredients from nature that your hair will love.